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Columbia Wanger Offshore Funds

Effective 23 March 2012, the Wanger US Smaller Companies UCITS Fund and the Wanger European Smaller Companies UCITS Fund, managed by Columbia Wanger Asset Management, LLC, began trading as sub-funds on the MontLake UCITS Platform plc following the merger of the Wanger Investment Company into the MontLake structure.

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Fund Information Statements

Columbia Management Investment Advisers, LLC (Columbia Management) is the investment adviser to each of the funds listed below (the Funds) and has engaged subadvisers to manage the Funds' assets on a daily basis. The Funds have received an exemptive order (the Order) from the Securities and Exchange Commission, which allows Columbia Management, subject to certain conditions, to enter into and materially amend its subadvisory agreements without obtaining shareholder approval. The Order allows Columbia Management to act more quickly to change subadvisers when it determines that a change would be in the best interest of a Fund and its shareholders. One of the conditions of the Order provides that Columbia Management will furnish to shareholders certain information about the new subadviser and the new subadvisory agreement. Each information statement provided below describes a recent subadviser change, which has been approved by the Boards of Trustees of the Fund.

Available Information Statements

Active Portfolios Multi-Manager Core Plus Bond Fund Information Statement – April 19, 2013

Variable Portfolio – Holland Large Cap Growth Fund Information Statement – June 7, 2013

Variable Portfolio – Victory Established Value Fund Information Statement – October 22, 2013

Active Portfolios Multi-Manager Growth Fund Information Statement – March 3, 2014

Active Portfolios Multi-Manager Value Fund Information Statement – March 3, 2014