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Our latest perspectives, commentary and videos explore how current financial and economic issues can impact investment opportunities.

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2015 Annual Perspectives

Outlook on the financial markets and economy pdf

Given the volume of investment data, media and punditry we face each day, it’s a constant challenge deciding where to focus. But reflecting on 2014 and what may lie ahead in 2015 can help one rise above the day-to-day noise and see the broader picture.

Q4 2014 Market Track

Q4 2014 Market Track pdf

A convenient, comprehensive reference that looks both back and forward to bring today's economy, markets and investing opportunities sharply into view.

  • The Economy — the big picture
  • The Markets — where value lies, and where it doesn't
  • Opportunities for Now — logical investment themes for today's financial climate
White Paper

Municipal Pension Obligations: Why fear about underfunding may be unjustified and why Chapter 9 will never become pervasive (save a few outliers) pdf

C. Tyson Schoback, Senior Analyst, Tax-Exempt Fixed-Income Research
Michael P. Taylor, Senior Analyst, Tax-Exempt Fixed-Income Research

We expect that public pension funding levels will continue to be a politically contentious issue. Pension reform will vary for each state and municipality but on a whole, will opt for reform measures rather than turn to Chapter 9 Bankruptcy for relief.

White Paper


Zach Pandl, Portfolio Manager and Strategist

As long as inflation remains low, Janet Yellen will likely advocate a slow exit from the Fed's easy policy stance.