Why Income? More Investors Need More Income

It’s clear. Today, more investors should be looking to income to play a larger role in their portfolios — to supplement a paycheck as well as grow a nest egg. Just as clear is the need for new thinking to find that income.

Where is the Income? Follow the Money

Corporations have emerged from the recent financial crisis with significant amounts of cash on their balance sheets. The prospect of consistent dividends and attractive bond yields can be just the thing to help wary investors return to the market and get the income they need.

Why Columbia Management? A Way of Working That Works — To Find Income

Finding dependable investment income requires a dynamic, multi-faceted approach. Boosting returns while tempering volatility is the goal. Stocks, bonds and multi-asset investments are all part of the mix. And Columbia Management’s way of working – rigorous research, independent teams and disciplined oversight – brings it all together.