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Columbia Income Builder Fund Class Z (CBUZX)

four star Overall Morningstar™ Rating as of 03/31/2014

Seeks to balance three key objectives: maximize yield, help protect purchasing power and minimize downside risk. The Fund provides an all-in-one solution by investing in a mix of asset classes with the following target ranges:

Equities: 0–35%
Fixed Income: 55–100%
Cash: 0–15%
Alternatives: 0–20%

Our Portfolio Managers

Colin Lundgren, CFA

Gene P. Tannuzzo, CFA

Zach Pandl

Morningstar Ratings

Class Z shares. Ratings as of 03/31/2014


four star of 562 Funds


four star of 562 Funds


four star of 488 Funds

Average annual total returns on NAV

Performance as of 03/31/2014

1 Year total return 3 Year total return 5 Year total return 10 Year total return
Columbia Income Builder Fund,
Class Z
5.61% 7.34% 11.94% N/A
Russell 3000 Value Index 21.65% 14.63% 21.88% N/A
Barclays US Aggregate Index -0.10% 3.75% 4.80% N/A
Citigroup 3M Treasury Bill Index 0.05% 0.06% 0.09% N/A
65% Barc Agg/25% Russell 3000 Value/10% Citi 3 Mnth Tbill 5.10% 6.19% 8.88% N/A
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It is not possible to invest directly in an index. For index descriptions, click here. Gross expense ratios, as of the most recent fund prospectus: 0.84%.

The returns shown for periods prior to the share class inception date (including returns since inception, which are since fund inception) include the returns of the fund’s oldest share class. These returns are adjusted to reflect any higher class-related operating expenses of the newer share classes, as applicable. Please visit for more information.

The investment manager and certain of its affiliates have contractually (for at least the current fiscal year) and/or voluntarily agreed to waive certain fees and/or to reimburse certain expenses of the Fund, as described in the Fund's prospectus, unless sooner terminated at the sole discretion of the Fund's board. Voluntary waivers/reimbursement arrangements, if any, may be discontinued at any time. Without such waivers/reimbursements, the Fund’s returns would be lower.